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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best age to learn piano?

A: Any age! No, we are not kidding, when it comes to piano lessons Toronto, the best age to start is whenever you want! We have taught students of any age! The three things you need to start your private piano lessons is an interest in music, the ability to independently move your fingers and a big enough hand to be on five white keys, that is it!

Q: Are piano lessons good for ADHD?

A: Yes, Toronto piano lessons are an excellent way for children and adults who are struggling with ADHD to settle down and focus. Our piano lessons for kids are taught by piano teachers who have worked with kids and ADHD for years. From basic musicality to advanced study, our teachers will be able to work with your child as they progress through our accredited program.

Q: How many years does it take to learn the piano?

A: Naturally, it will depend on what you define as learning. You will be able to play the piano in just a few months, but to be able to perform intricate pieces; it will take a couple of years. There are many variables on how fast someone can pick up the piano, especially if you are taking piano lessons for adults. But even for the most senior students, our seasoned teachers will be able to guide you throughout your journey in tickling the ivories.

Q: How many hours a day should you practice the piano?

A: Here at Neighbour Note - music school Toronto, we want you to learn to love to play every day. However, in terms of straight practice, between one to four hours per day is suggested. Anything over four hours will lead to bad habits, and other issues moving forward.

Q: Can piano be self taught?

A: It can, but you may struggle from simple things such as posture and hand placement. It is strongly suggested that you reach out to our team for a music lesson. Plus, with our easy to access studio and piano lessons in Etobicoke, it is easier to utilize the expert teachers at Neighbour Note!

Q: What should I know before learning piano?

A: You do not need to know much for your first piano lesson! That is why our piano teachers are here, but rudimentary music theory may help you progress quicker than other students who come in with no music knowledge. No matter what, when you look for piano lessons near me, you should look to the experts at Neighbour Note first!

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