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We are a family music school owned by a local couple and staffed by some of the best minds in music. Our goal is to spread our love of music and help each student tap into the hidden artistic potential that lies within them. We offer a diverse range of classes and programs, each expressly tailored to a student's skill level and desired outcome.

At Neighbour Note, we believe that music can change lives for the better. Enjoying the journey together with learning a fulfilling skill is the ultimate goal; but there is so much more to it than that.

Music has proven to improve cognitive function, enhance mood, and improve school performance. As our students progress through their program, they will learn the values of discipline, study, and constructive criticism—traits that will help them thrive in all areas of their life.

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Are you looking for a music school in Toronto that provides flexible, customized, and exciting musical instruction?

Neighbour Note is here to help individuals discover the magic of music through customized and engaging lessons tailored precisely to their level.

Our network of highly skilled instructors and musicians offer music lessons throughout Toronto in students’ homes or in our supportive and engaging studios. With each lesson, students will take a personalized step forward in their journey toward musical mastery, picking up real life lessons along the way.

Are you ready to introduce your family to the trans-formative power of music?

Music Lessons & Camps

Our music lessons in Toronto are centred around innovative instruction methods with a focus on the key tenements of music: discipline, study, and experimentation.

Music is a holistic experience. Immersion is the key to mastery. With our summer camps, programs, and events, we create a complete musical framework that helps each student unlock new doors to life experiences.

It’s rare to find a music school that conducts in-depth research on music and its effect on the mind. We don’t just post popular articles—we examine studies that relate music with cognitive learning and joyfulness, and then implement them in our lessons. The beauty of our teaching methods is that students don’t even realize they’re learning—they are too busy having a blast!

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