It's time to get the band together!

Neighbour Note offers fun and exciting group programs for all ages and skill levels. When students join one of our stimulating courses, they will be paired up with friends of similar age and skill levels, provided with a creative structure to work from, and then given free rein to play!

With hands-on instruction from our expert staff, students will obtain the framework for success through playing, songwriting, and collaboration. Each program teaches students to become accountable, work as a team, and strive toward a goal all while having fun in the learning process.

Whether they're a beginner or an experienced rocker, we've got the course for them.

Little Rockers (Introduction Series)

The ultimate course for beginner musicians. By exposing beginners to a range of different instruments and giving them a basic rehearsing structure to work from, we let them start finding their musical groove and have them playing classics in no time!

Teens Rock!

In this course, you’ll get the full rock star experience: work with new band members as you write songs, jam together, and design your band’s merchandise. Let’s get rockin’!

Little Rockers (Intermediate Series)

With a little experience under your belt, you will advance in this course with tutorials in improvisation, rhythm comping, and song writing. Enjoy jam sessions with your band and record an all-new song!

Guitar Ensemble

All of our music programs provide a great deal of motivation, stimulation, gratification, recognition, and fun. In order to participate in any of the Neighbour Note music programs, you must be at least seven years of age. Students will be placed into groups of similar age, ability, and musical preference. All Neighbour Note music programs run for nine months of the year.

For the highly skilled string master inside us all. Our guitar ensemble course is designed to help aspiring guitarists play transcriptions of their favourite music together.

Ukulele Jam

In order to participate in any of the Neighbour Note music programs, you must be at least seven years of age. Students will be placed into groups of similar age, ability, and musical preference. Each group will meet once a week for an hour with our expert staff to learn how to play the ukulele. All Neighbour Note music programs run for nine months of the year.

Our ukulele course is designed to help students learn their favorite music by strumming, picking, and singing along!

Songwriting and Recording

All experience levels are welcome, you may come with your own songs to be worked on or start fresh at the beginning of the program. This program is once a week for an hour in length.

This course will propel your aspiring lead singer forward by giving them experience writing their own songs and recording in a real studio under the supervision of our professional vocal coaches.
Jennifer Carson
John is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient with my daughter (who is a chatter box). She really enjoys her lessons and he has instilled the love of guitar in her! Highly recommend John as a teacher and the Neighbour note!
SMC King
I have been taking guitar lessons with John for two months. Even though I started out with no prior experience, I appreciated that from the very beginning John's lessons are structured to teach you new chords that you can use to play songs you know. Lessons are fun and John sprinkles bits of music theory throughout, always thoughtfully and patiently answering my questions. Thank you, John!
Eric Somerville
At 5 years old I wasn't sure how well my son would adapt to music lessons. John creates a very flexible and accommodating space where learning is fun.
colleen reich
John is very friendly, flexible and an extremely talented and gifted musician/teacher. He has made it fun and easy for me to learn the guitar as an adult. I would highly recommend him!
Amanda Benn
I’ve been playing guitar for 10+ years but have been in a progress plateau for a while. I decided I wanted to improve (and wanted an after work hobby!) and found Neighbour Note. Working with John has been such a pleasure! He’s patient, laidback, and explains the theory behind what we’re learning in an easy to understand way. I’ve most definitely noticed an improvement in my finger picking skills and an increase in confidence which is exactly what I wanted! Definitely recommend Neighbour Note to anyone at any skill level.
Miranda Amoroso
I started taking guitar lessons with John at neighborhood note as an adult with some prior experience. He has been very patient and has structured lessons in accordance with my interests, while making lessons engaging and fun. I really look forward to lessons, and enjoy the readings and practice given as homework. I especially appreciate that he sends videos explaining thing we went over in lessons, which really help to solidify concepts.
paulina tchernikov
Honestly the best music lessons I’ve had compared to other places. I worked with John and he was always patient and kind during the learning process. He’s an easy person to ask questions, always corrected my technique, gave out easy short videos to follow for homework, was always flexible for rescheduling (make up lessons), and had a fast contact response. He helped me orient my personal style of playing and didn’t push any specific style onto me. I walked in knowing nothing about guitar and after I left I understood my way around the instrument (to where I could learn songs on my own). He made the lessons fun and he was always a great teacher. Thanks John!
Andrew Guy
My 10 year old daughter has had an excellent experience starting guitar with Neighbour Note. They are friendly and accommodating and she enjoys going every week.
Shannon Johnson
My 9 year old daughter has been taking guitar lessons with John for 4 months and absolutely loves them. The lessons are easy to follow and engaging and John provides feedback and follow up when new chords are learnt so she can more easily practice new material at home. Wonderful experience!
Tuyen Do
This is my 5 years old son first drum lessons, he loves it and loved his teacher. John has a great personality and is always willing to help, he even teach my son piano lessons when he wonder. I highly recommend Neighbour Note.
Carly Biggart
My daughter really enjoyed Neighbour Note. John, the instructor, was amazing at personalizing the piano lessons by her; teaching her snippets of her favourite songs. Daily practice was meant to be digestible . I cannot say enough good things about this company. Very flexible and great teachers.
My son started taking piano lessons when he was five and a half years old. After 6 months he wanted to quit. At this time we switched teachers to John Force. I couldn't believe the change! My son started to love the piano and would look forward to lessons. It has been over 2 years now and he is still going strong. John is patient, makes learning fun - he just know how to motivate kids. I couldn't recommend him enough.
Leigh Ann Wayland
My son loved his guitar lessons and my daughter was thrilled with her piano lessons. I was so happy to be in the comfort of my home as I witnessed my children's weekly improvements. Well done Neighbour Note and thank you!
Bob Harbarton
We could not be happier with Neighbour Note! They have an amazing teaching faculty consisting of University and College Professors, High School and Elementary School Teachers, and Rock Stars! Our piano lessons with Neighbour Note have been fantastic. I truly believe they are the best music school in all of Toronto! You rock Neighbour Note!