When you sign up for lessons you are agreeing to the following policies. Please make sure to read them.

Lesson Payments

All lessons are to be paid in advance on either a monthly basis or by semester (3 months) once an invoice has been received. The full amount of the invoice must be paid with no deductions or adjustments.

Payments for individual lessons are not accepted. We do not offer pay-as-you-go lessons.

All students are required to commit to one lesson per week based on the TDSB calendar. There are no lessons during the holidays so students are not required to take lessons then.


In case of late payment, a ten-dollar ($10) fee will be charged to the student and or the student's parent or guardian and will be added to the payment amount on the subsequent invoice.

A twenty-five dollar ($25) administrative fee will be charged to the student and or the student's parent or guardian for any cheques returned to Neighbour Note as NSF (non-sufficient funds).


Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There will be a $50 withdrawal fee for anyone who withdraws from a program, class, or camp prior to the start date; the remainder of the payment will be refunded to each registered student. There will be no refunds for students who withdraw from a program, class or camp one month prior to the start date, or after a program, class or camp has started.

There are no make up classes for students enrolled in any of our camps, classes, or programs.

Neighbour Note reserves the right to cancel any camp, program, or class, due to lack of enrolment. If Neighbour Note cancels a camp, program, or class, then a full refund will be given to each registered student.


In order to cancel or reschedule a lesson, the student and or the student's parent or guardian must notify Neighbour Note directly at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. Students who fail to provide 24 hours advanced notice will be charged in full for that scheduled lesson.

Make up lessons will be provided at no additional charge as long as 24 hours advanced notice has been given.

In case of emergency, special consideration will be made as long as the student and or the student's parent or guardian provides Neighbour Note with a reasonable excuse.

All cancelled or rescheduled lessons will be made up at the discretion and convenience of the teacher.

Missed or cancelled lessons will not be deducted from the invoice. There are never refunds for missed lessons.

If a student misses a rescheduled lesson then the lesson is considered to have been given and no refund will be provided.

Cancelled or rescheduled lessons are limited to 3 per semester. They are not carried over into the next semester. Any lessons cancelled or rescheduled above and beyond 3 per semester will be charged in full and not made up. We will do our best to make up as many missed lessons as we can; however, we can only guarantee 3 per semester.

If a student and or the student's parent or guardian have pre-planned vacations when lessons would normally be provided, 2 weeks advanced notice is expected. In this case, all missed lessons would be rescheduled based upon availability of both parties. If advanced notice is not provided, the cancelled lesson policy will apply. Always refer to our website calendar.


The student and/or the student's parent/guardian agree not to hold Neighbour Note employees liable for any injury or accident and discharge Neighbour Note employees from any actions, causes of actions, claims, damages of every nature of kind arising from enrollment in the in-home music lesson program or the acts, omissions or negligence of Neighbour Note.


Neighbour Note reserves the right to change and or modify our policies at any given time.


Neighbour Note reserves the right to terminate lessons for non-payment of fees by the student and or the student's parent or guardian, or for non-compliance with these terms and conditions. Unpaid accounts will be forwarded to collection.

The student and or the student's parent or guardian may terminate music lessons with Neighbour Note at any time provided they give 2 weeks advanced notice via email. Advance notice of 2 weeks from the date that lessons are to be stopped is mandatory. There are no refunds for lessons already paid.