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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the cello lessons go?

A: Cello lessons at Neighbour Note can go in a number of different directions depending on what the student wants to learn. Students get to choose the genre they prefer. Proper technique is always taught as well as musical fundamentals.

Q: What are the lesson options?

A: Lessons are available online, in-person at our High Park cello studio in Toronto, or in the comfort of your Toronto home cello lessons.

Q: Is it difficult to learn to play the cello?

A: Playing the cello can be difficult so it is absolutely imperative that students learn proper technique and fundamentals from the very first lesson.

Q: Does age matter when learning to play the cello?

A: It's never late to start learning to play the cello. Neighbour Note teaches cello lessons for adults as well as children as young as 4 years old.

Q: What musical styles does the cello play?

A: Classical, Pop, Heavy Metal, and Jazz genres or styles can all suit the cello. It is a versatile instrument.

So whether you want to rock out playing Heavy Metal or soar with the classical masters we have you covered.

Q: Which classes are best (online, at school, at home)?

This all depends on the skill levels. For some musician learning online is the most convenient. You can learn from the comfort of your home on your computer. This option is less stressful than a music lessons studio. Technology also plays a roll. Tutors can share their screen with students. That being said a music studio or school can be highly stimulating. Students can see and hear multiple different instruments being played. They can have an opportunity to try different instruments or have a teacher perform for them. Also, student's get to meet other students and parents at the music studio and this can lead to new friendships. Music lessons in the comfort of your home is also a great option. There is nothing more relaxing then being at home. The learning environment is relaxed and stress-free. Parents can listen to the lesson while performing other tasks.

Q: At what age should children start playing the cello?

A: Children can start playing the cello as young as 4 years old as long as they have the right sized cello. The smallest cello is 1/10 and is ideal for ages 4-6. The 1/8 cello size is appropriate for ages 5-7. The 1/4 cello size is appropriate for ages 7-9. The 7/8 cello size is appropriate for teenagers ages 13-19. The full size 4/4 cello is ideal for adults.

Q: Do I need to own my own cello before taking cello lessons?

A: The answer is no. Renting a cello from a local music store is a great affordable option. Some music stores will give you the option to put the rental fee towards a purchase of the rented cello.

Q: Why choose Neighbour Note for the cello lesson?

A: The education and experience of our cello teachers make us stand above the crowd so to speak. We only hire the highest educated and experienced cello teachers. Currently, the Neighbour Note cello faculty consists of Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) candidates, as well as graduate school graduates who have completed a Master of Music (MMus.) degree. In terms of experience, our cello teachers have extensive teaching and performing experience. Not only have they been teaching for multiple years but they have also performed at major music festivals and competitions.

Q: Where is your cello school located?

A: Our cello studio is located in the High Park neighbourhood of Toronto, very close to the Junction. The address is: 407 Annette St., Toronto, ON, M6P 1R7. The Neighbour Note cello studio has been fully renovated in 2019. It is very well lit with lots of natural light, hardwood floors, and many windows. The waiting room is quite comfortable with brand new leather chairs and couches. You can enjoy free wifi at the studio while you wait.

Q: What is your cello lessons cost?

A: Our prices are starting from 105$CAD

Q: Do you have other programs?

A: Of course! You can sign up for our other programs like drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin etc.

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