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Oscar Rangel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it worth taking guitar lessons?

A: Yes, of course! When you take private music lessons with the team at Neighbour Note - music school Toronto, you will be learning from some of the best in the industry. Our guitar classes will help you learn how to read music, work on chord progressions and can assist you in improvisation along with everything else!

Q: How long should you take guitar lessons?

A: This will depend on the player, but remember, many professionals even jump in for a music lesson every once in a while! Once you have a foundation, you have the tools to start to move forward to the tougher techniques and skills from our guitar teachers. Then, once you feel comfortable and are playing with the pros, you might be ready to spread your wings. But you should never stop learning, that is the beauty of music lessons!

Q: Can I learn guitar in a month?

A: No. You can learn specific skills and maybe even some chord progressions, but you cannot learn the instrument in a month. With our guitar teachers Toronto, you'll get the best skills to start playing this complicated, but beautiful instrument.

Q: Is it possible to learn guitar at home?

A: Yes, of course! With our flexible arrangements, we can provide guitar lessons Etobicoke and beyond! Here at Neighbour Note, we are proud to offer both in-studio and in-home classes, and with our Toronto guitar lessons, you will be well on your way to confident playing!

Q: Is guitar harder than piano?

A: Yes and no. The guitar lesson is generally regarded as easier than piano lesson, but it will depend on the player. The guitar is easier to pick up in terms of being able to play chord progressions, but it is a tough instrument to master over the long-term. This is why many guitar lessons for kids seem to be ahead of their piano counterparts, as strumming along with simple chord progressions makes them sound amazing!

Q: How do I pick a guitar teacher?

A: When you are looking for a guitar teacher Toronto, you need to figure out if you want guitar classes in a small group or private guitar lessons. All of our teachers at Neighbour Note are expert instructors and will be able to aid you in your guitar journey. From jazz to rock, and even metal, our teachers are players, and we can't wait to jam!

Neighbour Note offers guitar classes and learn to play guitar classes in these neighbourhoods near you:

  • Etobicoke: the Kingsway, Sunnylea.
  • West End: Bloor West Village, High Park, the Junction, Roncesvalles, Swansea, West Bend.
  • York-Crosstown: Baby Point, Lambton Mills, Old Mill, Runnymede.
  • North York: Glen Park.
  • York: Belgravia, Briar Hill, Oakwood Village.
  • East York: Leaside.
  • Uptown: Allenby, Davisville Village.
  • Midtown: Humewood, Rosedale, Casa Loma, Forest Hill, Regal Heights, Wychwood, Moore Park, Deer Park, Summerhill, Bracondale Hill.
  • North Toronto: Lawrence Park.
  • Downtown: Yorkville, the Annex, Little Italy, Trinity Bellwoods, Dufferin Grove, Cabbage Town, St. James Town. East End: Danforth Village, Playter Estates, Riverdale, Leslieville, the Beaches.
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