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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can you start taking bass guitar lessons?

A: You can start beginner bass guitar lessons as young as four years old provided you have the right size instrument. A micro or a junior size bass guitar is a must for small young children. That being said, it's never too late to start learning how to play the bass guitar. We offer bass guitar lessons for kids and bass guitar lessons for adults.

Q: Is it hard to play a bass guitar?

A: Playing the bass guitar can be challenging. The strings are thick and the neck is long making it difficult to press the strings and reach the frets. With patience and the right teacher you should get the hang of playing the bass fairly quickly. We offer bass guitar lessons throughout Toronto, and online. To find bass guitar lessons near me check out our lessons page.

Q: How much do bass guitar lessons cost?

A: The going rate for Toronto bass guitar lessons is usually $35 to start for thirty minute lessons. It goes up from there. You can expect to pay $50 for forty five minute lessons and $70 per hour. You can always find cheaper rates but be sure that the teacher you choose is qualified to teach.

Q: What makes our bass guitar lessons unique?

A: What makes our bass guitar lessons unique is the education and experience of our teachers. Many of our bass guitar teachers in Toronto have completed graduate degrees in music and have been teaching for over twenty years. Our bass guitar teachers often do their own arrangements of songs so students can learn the music they love to listen to.

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