Alex Whitehead - Neighbour Note Teacher

Alex Whitehead, BA

Alex Whitehead - Neighbour Note Teacher

About Alex

Alex Whitehead started studying music in his hometown of Victoria, BC, at a young age. Throughout elementary and secondary school, he was the fortunate beneficiary of several teachers whose emphasis on developing fundamental skills provided him with a rock-solid background and hundreds of performance opportunities. Relocating to Nova Scotia, Alex entered the renowned music program at St. Francis Xavier University, from which he graduated with the degree Bachelor of Arts in Music (First Class Honours). With its emphasis on performance, composition, and arranging, this program provided Alex with the opportunity to study and to play with several of Canada's best jazz musicians and educators. Upon graduation, Alex was the recipient of the 2013 MusiCounts Scholarship, administered by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, as well as the University Silver Medal, awarded for the highest average in the final three years of his program.

Alex is currently based in Toronto, where he maintains a busy schedule of teaching, composing, and performing with various groups.

Philosophy Of Teaching

I prioritize above all else helping my students have fun with playing, studying, and listening to music.

As an educator, I ensure that from the very beginning, my students are developing a solid base of fundamental skills. Regardless of which instrument we play, these technical and theoretical skills will aid greatly in any direction a student might wish to pursue. In addition to the fundamentals, I make a point of introducing larger concepts such as ear training, formal analysis, and composition early on, so as to demystify these ideas and encourage my students to begin to exercise their own creativity.

Equally as important as learning the fundamentals of music, however, is cultivating an enjoyment of music. With this in mind, I prioritize above all else helping my students have fun with playing, studying, and listening to music. A thorough base of fundamentals, combined with an appreciation of the joys of music, will serve my students well in any and all future musical endeavors.

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