Vennie Tu - Neighbour Note Teacher

Vennie Tu, BFA

Vennie Tu - Neighbour Note Teacher

About Vennie

Vennie Tu is a young musician and composer living in Toronto. He recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music at York University. Throughout his undergraduate career Vennie has studied privately with renowned musicians such as jazz guitarist Lorne Lofsky, flamenco guitarist Roger Scannura, multi-genre guitarist Brian Katz and many others.

Vennie is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing guitar, drums, and electric bass for 8 years. He has also been playing piano for 10 years and has his grade 8 RCM certification in practical studies as well as his grade 2 RCM certification in basic theory.

Vennie is a strong advocate for cross-disciplinary art collaborations having worked with artists spanning a wide range of expertise. An example of this would be his two year stint as a musician in the York Dance Ensemble under the direction of choreographer Holly Small.

He has also been fortunate enough to have received numerous awards and scholarships for his musical accomplishments in the academic and creative setting. He has twice received the Marion Lower Prize in Composition and was recently the recipient of the Sorbara Award in Music. Vennie teaches piano and guitar lessons here at Neighbour Note.

Phylosophy Of Teaching

To me, having fun is the most important aspect of learning.

"I want to help light that spark in every person to motivate themselves to play music for the pure joy of it . I do this by always striving to create lesson plans that accommodate a student's interests and needs. To me, having fun is the most important aspect of learning. I feel the fundamental ingredients to making music is firstly to have fun, and then to take on the responsibility of working on one's craft."

—Vennie Tu

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