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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age should you start guitar lessons?

A: Some students start as young as three years old. A good age to start taking classical guitar lessons for kids is the ages between three and seven. There is nothing like getting an early start to this wonderful instrument. That being said, many students start learning the guitar as teenagers and still progress quite well. Classical guitar lessons for adults is also a great option. It's never too late to learn.

Q: What are the lesson options?

A: Lessons are available online, in-person at our High Park cello studio in Toronto, or in the comfort of your Toronto home cello lessons.

Q: Do I need a personal guitar to start lessons?

A: You don't need to own a guitar to take private classical guitar lessons. Many students start with a rental guitar and then buy one later on. It's a good idea starting with a rental guitar to see if you will stick with it. That being said, there is nothing like purchasing your first guitar. It is a wonderful experience going to a music store and picking out that shiny new guitar for your classical guitar lessons in Toronto.

Q: Why choose guitar lessons over other instruments?

A: The guitar is quite a versatile instrument. It is capable of playing both melody and harmony. You can reproduce multiple different tones on the guitar. It can be strummed or picked with a pick or played strictly with your fingers. There are a variety of different sizes and shapes of guitars to choose from. The guitar is arguably the coolest instrument on the planet! So what are you waiting for? Try out Toronto classical guitar lessons.

Q: How qualified are your guitar teachers in Toronto?

A: The guitar teachers at Neighbour Note are some of the highest educated teachers in North America. Two of our guitar teachers have completed a PhD in music and two are enrolled in a DMA (Doctorate of Musical Arts degree) program at the University of Toronto. Six of our guitar teachers have completed a Masters degree in music. Try our classical guitar lessons today!

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