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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the first guitar lesson go?

A: Our electric guitar lessons start off with an introduction to the parts of an electric guitar and the settings of an amplifier. Students learn how to make multiple different sounds with the numerous different tone settings on the electric guitar and amplifier. This includes using both channels on an amplifier if the amplifier has two channels. We then get right into playing songs, scales, and chords! We offer electric guitar lessons throughout Toronto.

Q: Do I need a personal guitar to start lessons?

A: You do not need to own a guitar for private electric guitar lessons in Toronto. You can easily rent a guitar from a local music store in Toronto or elsewhere. Initially renting a guitar is the cheaper way to go since you do not need to make a full purchase immediately. Renting a guitar in the long run can be more expensive since you are making monthly payments on an instrument you do not own.

Q: How does an electric guitar sound compared to a classical guitar?

A: An electric guitar sounds completely different from a classical guitar. For this reason, you absolutely need an electric guitar for electric guitar lessons. Electric guitars have numerous different tone options with an amplifier. The sound of an electric guitar is produced with the help of guitar pickups, a patch cable, and a guitar amplifier while a classical guitar produces sound from a sound hole.

Q: How old do you have to be to start learning electric guitar?

A: You can start learning to play the electric guitar as young as three years old provided you have the right size instrument. At Neighbour Note, we teach beginner electric guitar lessons, as well as intermediate and advanced electric guitar lessons. We teach electric guitar lessons for adults and electric guitar lessons for kids.

Q: Is it difficult to play electric guitar?

A: It is not too difficult to learn to play the electric guitar. Physically, the electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic guitar since the strings on an electric guitar are a lighter gauge and the neck is usually not as thick. The biggest difficulty in learning the electric guitar is how to produce a good sound. The amplified sound of the electric guitar can make every mistake more noticeable. To find Toronto electric guitar lessons near me please check our teachers page.

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