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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are your blues guitar lessons?

A: Our Toronto blues guitar lessons can be anywhere from thirty, forty-five, and sixty minutes in duration. Beginners should start with thirty minutes lessons. This way they won't get overwhelmed with the amount of material that is normally taught in a longer lesson. Intermediate students should take forty-five minute lessons. The increased fifteen minutes really helps students as they advance and learn more about blues guitar lessons. Advanced students should take sixty minute lessons. There is simply too much material to go over in advanced blues guitar lessons.

Q: Are blues guitar lessons for adults only?

A: Blues guitar lessons are not just for adults. Many children like the sound of blues music and want to learn how to play it. Usually, once kids are introduced to blues music they want to learn more about it. Beginner blues guitar lessons are a great way of introducing kids to the blues. We teach blues guitar lessons for adults and blues guitar lessons for kids.

Q: What do you need to start blues guitar lessons?

A: All you need to start blues guitar lessons is a guitar and an attitude! The blues needs to be felt when playing. Having the right attitude is essential. Blues music can be heartbreaking so it's important to use the right kind of emotions when playing. Our Toronto blues guitar lessons are heartfelt! We teach students how to feel the blues!

Q: Should I take private or group blues guitar lessons?

A: Taking private blues guitar lessons is better than group blues guitar lessons simply because there are less people and less distractions. Also, different students learn at different paces. Having a group of people progressing at the same time usually never works out. Students who learn faster can feel like they are being held back and students who learn slower can often feel rushed or frustrated. One-on-one learning is the very best way to learn blues guitar. To find blues guitar lessons near me check out our guitar teachers page.

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