Neighbour Note Piano & Singing Teacher Publishes Book

Toronto based piano and singing teacher Dr. Nina Soyfer has just published a book entitled 'The Art From My Heart'. The book itself is a collection of eighty six original artwork reproductions. This catalogue of art works features contrasting pieces that follow a similar style. Dr. Nina Soyfer has completed over four hundred works of art to date. Her collections have been exhibited in the Ukraine, Israel, and Canada. In 2003 Nina's painting entitled 'Cocktail of Dance' won third prize at the Ukrainian Creative Arts Competition. In that very same year Nina was selected as one of three visual artists from the Ukraine to study with artists in Israel where she had the opportunity to exhibit her paintings, sculptures, and photographs at the international competition entitled Israel in Dance and Colour. When Nina returned from Israel she was invited to exhibit her entire collection of artwork including paintings, sculptures, and photographs at the M. D. Leontovytch College of Culture and Arts where she later gave lectures on her art to faculty and students alike. 

Here is a quote from Nina: “I first began painting when I was 12-14 years old. My professional paintings I mean, not just children’s classes. My style was fantasy-based and soul-driven. I was addicted and couldn’t stop for days. My parents had to ask administration of the university I attended to give me a leave of absence while I painted. And so, just like that, began my visual artist’s carrier. I was not very aware of my surroundings while I painted, and so my friends visited and talked while I painted; or grabbed a brush and helped. I have now completed more than 500 art-works, and most of the ones professionally photographed are in this book. My hat goes off to my designer, who was able to fit it in just a 100 pages or so. And so, I hope you get a copy and receive the energies of healing; and activate your mind with extremely detailed ones.” (Nina Soyfer) 

Nina is not only a visual artist. She is also a dancer, poet, singer, pianist, and teacher. Nina teaches piano lessons and singing lessons here at Neighbour Note. Try a free lesson with Dr. Nina Soyfer and see how great she truly is. Congratulations Nina. We are so proud of you!