Neighbour Note Piano & Singing Teacher Art Commission

Toronto piano and singing teacher Dr. Nina Soyfer was commissioned by the Solar Atrium Gallery in Brooklyn New York. Dr. Nina Soyer created twenty-five artworks that were going to be channeled by Archangel Michael. His objective, as he put it, with these works was to: "bring forth your and your fellow human's ascension into a more advanced and loving civilization and a team of light". These beautiful artworks can be purchased here.  The titles of the artworks are: I Am Pink, The Cut, Wonders of Chamuel, Orange, Explosion of Science, Dark Star, A Flame of Triple Brotherhood of Divine Order, Rainbow Stem of a Multidimensional Flower, World of India, The Light of Saint Germain, The World of Stars, The Eye of a Brother, Inception, Fire Bliss, Lord Lanto's Flame, Serapis Bey Tools, 33, Pleiades, Green Intrusion, Sacred Tools. The date of this exhibition runs from Oct.2, 2020 to Oct.30, 2020. This solo 3D virtual art exhibition is part of Art Impact International which is an artist agency that helps artists expand their creative businesses with exhibition opportunities, workshops, coaching, sales and marketing assistance. 

Dr. Nina Soyfer teaches piano lessons, singing lessons, soplika lessons, harmony, counterpoint, and music rudiments theory courses here at Neighbour Note. Congratulations Nina! We are so proud of you and wish you continued success.