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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age should you start guitar lessons?

A: You can start guitar lessons as young as three or four years old. It all depends on the individual. Since learning country guitar is so challenging I recommend starting beginner country guitar lessons at the age of seven or eight. We teach country guitar lessons for kids and country guitar lessons for adults.

Q: Is it difficult to play country guitar?

A: Learning to play country guitar can be difficult since many songs require guitarists to be fairly skilled with their technique. Our country guitar lessons will teach you how to pick, finger pick, and hybrid pick with confidence! You will gain skill in these guitar picking techniques so country songs will become easier to play. This way you can rise to the challenge with our country guitar lessons in Toronto.

Q: Do I need a personal guitar to start lessons?

A: You don't need a personal guitar to start private country guitar lessons. Renting a guitar is a great inexpensive way to get started. In the short term you only have to pay a small amount each month for the rental fee. In the long run, renting a guitar is not a great idea since you are paying a monthly fee and not owning the guitar. To find country guitar lessons near me please check our guitar teachers page.

Q: How qualified are your guitar teachers in Toronto?

A: Our Toronto guitar teachers are highly qualified. Many have Masters degrees and Bachelor degrees in music. Not only are our guitar teachers highly educated they are also highly experienced. Many of our guitar teachers have been teaching guitar for over ten years. With the education and experience of our guitar teachers, we make sure our country guitar lessons are top notch!

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