Neighbour Note Violin & Piano Teacher Releases New Album

Violin and piano teacher Bridget LaMarche has just released a new album with pianist Laurie Weinburg entitled 'All About Love' which is available on i-tunes. The 'All About Love' album released by the duo Sacred Sound Waves: Bridget LaMarche (viola) and Laurie Weinburg (piano) is a compilation of original compositions performed live at the Musidiem concert hall in Toronto. Each piece from the album 'All About Love' has its own form with an improvised version for each performance.

The Sacred Sound Waves duo holds the intention of the power of music and its healing qualities. Each composition has a modality to uplift and renew. 'All About Love' brings the listener on a journey of self-inquiry and reflection. The title of the Album is derived from the final composition entitled 'It's really so simple, it's all about Love'.

There are fourteen tracks on, the album: 1. Calm in the mind. Trust, faith, courage. 2. Sunrise 3. River. 4. Eternal heart. 5. Rain. 6. Galactic Traveller. 7. Moon dancer. 8. Light dances. 9. My child's embrace. 10. Sacred human. 11. Mountain. 12. On our way home. 13. Beloved. 14. It's really so simple, it's all about Love. Tracks: one, two, three, four, nine, ten, and fourteen feature acoustic viola and piano, while tracks five, six, and thirteen feature electric viola and piano. Tracks six and seven feature solo piano (composed) and track eight features solo viola. Both solos were improvised freely on the day of the debut concert. It should be noted that track six was also improvised freely on the day of the debut concert. All compositions have a composed structure and melody but each individual performance will bring a new version and interpretation.

Sacred Sound Waves hold a sacred space for the listener's experience. Bridget and Laurie have performed for many and have had countless testimonials of the power of their music. Sacred Sound Waves' first album "many blessings" can be found on i-tunes as well. Here is a testimonial about the It's 'All About Love' album's debut concert:

Laurie and Bridget and Team!

Thank you so very much for all of the efforts you put into Thursday's concert While I thoroughly enjoyed your music, The improvisation presentation, and the variety of the drumming experiences, it was only the next day that the whole experience really "came home"!! On the drive into school, I realized that it was in a totally new space ... I have no words but something definitely changed. Thank you!!!

Linda Sweet. Toronto Ont.

Bridget LaMarche is a Professional violist and music teacher performing and teaching for over twenty years. She has Performed in Europe, North America, and China. She has also performed in a concert with the Manitoba Chamber orchestra playing in Carnegie Hall. Bridget holds a Bachelor of Music in viola performance from the University of Toronto. Bridget's exceptional ability to improvise at the moment allows each composition to come alive with renewal. Bridget has performed with the National Ballet of Canada, Michigan State Opera, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, as well as many Broadway shows. She has also played for artists such as Barbara Streisand and Elton John

Laurie Weinberg holds a degree in Piano Performance and Law from the University of Buffalo Her playing has been said to "Haunt the soul, comfort the mind and heal the heart" She is a Gestalt therapist and has a psychotherapy practice in Toronto. She has also studied Yoga and meditative arts.