Benefits of Performing in Music Recitals

Music recitals are a great way for students to gain confidence, over come stage fright, showcase their talents, increase self motivation and self discipline, encourage their peers, and improve family bonding. The excitement of performing creates a sense of elation in the brain that makes students who are performing happy. Students feel proud of themselves and have a sense of reward once they are finished performing. It has been proven that performing music makes people smarter and happier. The benefits of performing music are simply immense.

Gaining self confidence is one of the biggest benefits of performing music. It take a great deal of courage to get up on stage and perform for a live audience. The more students do it the more confident they become. Being in front of an audience is a life skill that helps with public speaking. Students need to announce the musical piece they will be performing. This can be stressful but it gets easier with time as students gain self confidence.

Performing anxiety or stage fright can cause issues for the performer. Students can overcome their fears by simply getting up on stage and doing it. Short simple breathing exercises and meditation before a performance can help overcome stage fright. Facing one's fears is an invaluable life experience.

Showcasing one's talents is another great benefit to performing in a music recital. Students get a chance to share some of the music they have been learning with their friends, family, and peers. Music recitals are a great creative outlet for students. Some students get the chance to improvise with the songs they have been learning. Music recitals simply showcase a student's musical progress.

Increased self motivation and self discipline are also benefits of performing in a music recital. It takes a great deal of time, preparation, and practice to get ready to perform for a live audience. Students learn to be disciplined with their practice, after all, practice makes progress. When students see that they are making progress they often want to practice more. Choosing music that students want to perform is a great way to motivate students to practice. Also, if they are familiar with the music they will be performing the music will have meaning and will often be more enjoyable to perform.

Recitals also give the opportunity for students to encourage their peers. Sitting in the audience while a friend or family member is performing simply provides encouragement. The easy act of listening to a performer gives that performer support. Cheering after a student performs is probably the best way to show your support to the performer.

Recitals are social events for friends families, and peers. They are a great way to bring people together to show their love and support for live music. They are also a great opportunity for families to deepen the bonds between them. Parents and families are showing support by attending and cheering for their children at these music recitals.

Neighbour Note offers multiple yearly recitals for students and their friends and families.