March Break Camps 2024

There is still time to sign up for one of our March Break camps for 2024. Our guitar boot camp and guitar ensemble camps are very popular. Here is a fun way to learn to play the guitar. These are both short intensive week-long camps. For guitar boot camp, all guitar students will learn open and movable chords (barre chords) and power chords (Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Perfect Octave). They will also learn popular chord progressions using these chords. In terms of rhythm, students will learn to read rhythm notation using numbers for counting and arrows for directional strumming. For melody, both the major scale and pentatonic scales will be taught in open position as well as some movable forms. Basic improvisation will be introduced. Guitar ensemble camp focuses more on team work and accountability. Guitar students learn to play different parts of a song while playing together. This can include three and four-part harmony. It is quite challenging trying to play different parts of a song or composition at the same time. Here, students must learn to work together while listening to themselves and others play at the same time. The end result is a full sounding musical masterpiece! Popular guitar ensemble pieces include movie and video game scores such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Last of Us, Super Mario Brothers, Megalovania, and more! Both camps can use electric or acoustic guitars or a mix of both. We usually include one bass guitar as well. Some guitars will be provided free of charge but there are a limited number of instruments available.

Our Rock Band Camps are also quite popular. Here, students get the rock star treatment for a week as they practice and perform together. All participants will be formed into bands of three to five members. Each band will work together to write songs, create band names and logos, and learn to play some beginner rock tunes! All band members will receive introductory tutorials on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. All of our Rock Band Camps include a rock showcase performance for the final concert at the end of the week. There are two different streams to our rock band camps: beginner and intermediate. The beginner camp focuses more on learning beginner rock songs and basic song writing and improvisation skills. Basic three chord songs will be taught using power chords and open chords as well as some basic pentatonic scale based guitar riffs and licks. Most students have little to no band experience for the beginner rock band camp. The intermediate rock band camp is for students who have at least two years of band experience. Here, students will learn more advanced songs and scale forms, as well as more advanced barre chords and movable chords. More advance chord progressions will be taught as well as more advanced improvisation techniques.

All of our March Break Camps are five days in length and run daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The cost for each camp is $425 for a half-day and $525 for a full day. Early drop off and late pick-up can be arranged. Sign up for one of our March Break Music Camps today!