24 Easy Guitar Songs for Kids and Adults

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New to Guitar? Learning to play the guitar can be difficult. There are physical obstacles to overcome that should be addressed immediately. Learning proper technique is essential if you want to learn to play your favourite songs. The problem with guitar technique is it can be quite boring. Many people want to be able to play songs right away without having to practice for endless hours.

For this reason, we've compiled this list of songs that are fun to play and easy to learn whether you are a young child or an adult. Each song links to a video tutorial or sheet music for easy access. There should be something for every budding guitarist in this list!

6 easy songs that use 1 strings

  1. Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles
  2. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
  3. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
  4. Holiday by Green Day
  5. The Jaws Theme from the movie Jaws
  6. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

6 easy songs that use 2 strings

  1. The James Bond Theme 007
  2. Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes
  3. Louie Louie by the Kingsmen
  4. U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
  5. Money (That's What I Want) by the Beatles
  6. Come As You Are by Nirvana

6 easy songs that use 3 string

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  3. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream
  4. My Girl by the Temptations
  5. Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
  6. Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

6 easy songs that use chords

  1. A Horse With No Name by America
  2. Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches
  3. Jane Says by Jane's Addiction
  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  5. Twist and Shout by the Beatles
  6. Free Falling by Tom Petty