Recitals Are Not Just For Kids!

Piano recitals are not just for kids! The benefits of performing music for an audience at any age are many: Empowerment, validation, encouragement, and accomplishment are all great reasons to participate in a music recital. So why is it that very few adult students do not participate in music recitals?

Maybe some adults feel embarrassed performing with younger students. After all, as adults we are older, have more life experience, and should therefore be more proficient than children correct? Wrong! It takes longer to develop musical skills as an adult learner. Aging is a constant challenge. Well learned skills start to decline. Many of us have bad habits that we have developed over many years and these are incredibly difficult to break. Maybe it is simply a time commitment. So many of us already have way too many commitments! The older we get the less time we seem to have. While this is true, scheduling deadlines and goals to work towards is a great incentive to practice. Seeing the recital date on the calendar can be really motivating and give you that much needed push for practicing.

Hopefully more adult students will participate in music recitals. The benefits are simply too great to ignore.

Here is a video of one of our adult piano students Brenda performing Ballad Pour Adeline at one of our spring piano recitals in Roncesvalles village in June 2015. Way to go Brenda! We are so proud of your performance and your bravery!