Having Fun Performing Live

Performing music live in front of an audience does not have to be a scary experience. It can actually be quite fun! There are a few things students and teachers can do to help ensure that everyone has a positive experience when participating in a student music recital.

First and foremost, it is imperative that students get to choose the music they would like to perform. This will keep them motivated and hopefully inspired.

Secondly, allow students to do some improvisation with the music they have selected. This is a great way to strengthen a student's understanding of the music. It also gives them a chance to play around with some scales or chord progressions.

Thirdly, suggest students create a medley of their favourite songs. This can relieve stress and anxiety associated with having to memorize one larger piece of music in its entirety. Instead, students can play short sections of different songs. They can choose the most recognizable parts of these songs which will in turn make the memorization process easier. A song medley can be viewed as a musical puzzle of contrasting parts. When certain parts are put together in just the right way it can sound amazing!

Guitar student Josh did a great job playing around with a short improvised version of the Malaguena. He had a blast performing it live!