Raphael Kuerti - Neighbour Note Teacher

Raphael Kuerti, B.MUS (Cand.), ADP

Raphael Kuerti - Neighbour Note Teacher

About Rafael

Son of Juno-award winning classical pianist, Anton Kuerti, Rafael Kuerti was born and raised in downtown Toronto. Both his parents were professional classical musicians. Raphael's mother Kristine Bogyo was also a cellist. For this reason it is not surprising that Rafael began his cello studies at a very young age.

Raphael has had the privilege of studying with master cellists such as the late Janos Starker, John Kadz, Shauna Rolston, Simon Fryer, Mihai Tetel, and Mario Blaumer. Raphael has an Artist Diploma from Mount Royal University as well as the Glenn Gould School. He has attended Indiana University and the University of Toronto.

Raphael is also known as Rumplestiltz 'the Hip-Hop Cellist'. He was a member of the underground Hip-hop group “Babylon Warchild” where he performed on hundreds of stages at concerts and festivals across the world including the US, Canada, China, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Czech, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, and many more. Rafael has performed and shared the stage with artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Afrika Bambaataa, Xzibit, ONYX, R.A. The Rugged Man, Rahzel, Loop Troop, Planet Asia, Snowgoons, Reef The Lost Cauze, Chief Kamachi, Bizarre (of D12), Lord Lhus, Saukrates, Choclair, Snak The Ripper, Wordsworth, PackFm, as well as many others.

As a Hip-hop producer, Rafael has had the chance to produce and engineer recording sessions/songs for some of hip-hop’s greatest artists such as: The Gza (of Wu Tang Clan), Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), Starang Wondah (of Boot Camp Clik), Wordsworth (of Lyricist Lounge), Tragedy Khadafi (Of Queensbridge), Stic Man (Of Dead Prez), Chief Kamachi (Army of the Pharoahs), Reef the Lost Cauze (Army of the Pharoahs), Lord Lhus (of Snowgoons), Solomon Childs (Wu tang Clan) and many more!

Raphael has vast orchestral and chamber music experience and has appeared professionally in hundreds of Orchestras and Chamber groups across Canada, and Europe.

Philosophy Of Teaching

Learn to add your feelings to your playing, and your musicality will take over naturally.

I like to approach teaching with a "Boxing Coach" mentality, with a dash of the classic, "Eastern-European old school cellist", approach!  Motivation and confidence is the first thing one must overcome when trying to play an instrument well - hence the Boxing Coach "Go get 'em tiger!" mentality.  Build up the student's confidence and they will own it!  Second is emotion - namely having FUN and actually making MUSIC.  Classically trained musicians tend to forget that music is still a form of entertainment...  Even sad music is entertaining.  Learn to add your feelings to your playing, and your musicality will take over naturally. 

The final step of my philosophy of teaching involves organization, analytics, physics, and mathematics - the science behind the music. I am extremely passionate about teaching modern cello lessons where students learn how to use their cello in other genres of music.

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